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Our Happy Clients!

This was our first time ever using a professional pet sitting service. We have a Bichon that is almost one year old. My husband commutes to the area for work and our primary residence is in NC. I had travelled with him that week. We wanted to do some sightseeing in the area for our anniversary on the weekend. We heard about Villaridge through one of his coworkers. We were surprised how they were able to assist us with short notice and were very patient as we worked out some logistical issues. Our bichon, Beaufort, was very calm and happy when we returned and we could tell he was well cared for by Lucy. We spoke and emailed with Lucy, and she was thorough and we could tell she was committed to her work with the human and canine clients alike. Rhoda and Sarah were very efficient, helpful and flexible in getting our paperwork done the night before so we could get started the following day, and made some very positive gestures of goodwill. We will definitely use Villaridge Pet Sitters next time we have a need! And I hope we can have Lucy even though I’m sure your others sitters are good too.


I’ve been using Villaridge Pet Sitters for four years for all of our vacations and mid-day walks. Natasha, Rhoda, and Sarah treat our dog and cat as if they are their own. I can trust that they are in good hands with Villaridge. Knowing that everyone at Villaridge is taking care of our pets is comforting and puts my mind at ease. I can’t say enough about Villaridge Pet Sitters; they are professional, accommodating, and caring. Thank you for being so great!

Dana - Herndon, VA

Villaridge Pet Sitters are the BEST! I rescued a very wonderful, but difficult yellow lab mix (Porkchop) from the animal shelter 5 years ago. She was very protective of me and would snarl at almost anyone else that she came into contact with. I travel for work and needed someone reliable and loving to take care of Porkie while I was gone. Rhoda came over to meet Porkie and immediately established her trust; right away I knew Porkie would be in wonderful hands. Rhoda and her terrific team (Steve, Tim, Paul, etc.) have taken such wonderful care of Porkie the last 5 years – everything from caring for her for a week+, long weekends, or just walks when I’m working late. They are SO flexible and easy to work with. They care for Porkie like she was their own. They leave thorough notes after each walk, and I’ve even received emails on longer trips to ease my mind. I don’t know what I would do without them!

Tara & Porkie

Villaridge Pet Sitters has been a lifesaver for me. Rhoda and Elaine have gone out of their way to take care of Taylor and Jake like they were their own, giving them love affection, and making me feel that my boys are in the best hands possible when I am at work, and always leaving detailed notes about how the boys did on their walks.

They are reliable, and have been available on nights and weekends as well as last minute when my schedule has suddenly changed–and Rhoda even took Taylor to the vet when he was sick one day and I needed to get to work. The boys and I will miss them terribly when we move and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Emma Raizman

We are really thankful for our wonderful pet sitter, Sara. She is fantastic with our two very large dogs – Baby and Bear. When we come home from work, we can see a difference in their behavior and we know they had their favorite sitter stop by and give them lots of love and fun! Due to the loving care, above and beyond our expectations, Sara even found a lump on one of our dogs. Sara made sure we knew when it appeared and exactly where it was so we could take quick action. Because of Sara, things are getting taken care of sooner rather than later, and our beloved pet will likely have a quick and healthful recovery. Sara is more than a pet sitter. We know she really cares for our dogs. I cannot thank her and Villaridge enough for what they do.

Tony & Linda - Herndon, VA

I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to you and your company. Although we have only used your services for a short period, you have showed a great deal of professionalism and compassion in pet care. One of the things that stands out is your ability to help us out with little notice. In this case I am referring to the events during Hurricane Irene. Due to the weather our friend who was going to stay with our dogs over the weekend was stuck in NYC. Our trip to Jacksonville, FL would have been ruin but your commitment to us, your customer, helped us through our predicament. You gave us peace of mind knowing that you were able to provide overnight care to our dogs throughout the weekend.

We also want to express thanks to Meghan. We know that she loves our dogs and they love her. After coming home from work, it is always nice to come home to read her little notes about her time with the dogs for that day.

This is a true example of exemplary customer service. We will make sure that we spread the word about your company and the great things that you do. We, as well as the dogs will truly miss having your daily services. When we will require dog services again, we will know who to call!

Amy, Krista and Tony - Centreville, VA

Villaridge has always been there when I needed them. When I’ve had to leave town on a couple day’s notice, they’ve been extremely reliable. Then, after my return home, I can tell my cats were in good spirits while I was away. To me, that’s the best endorsement I could ask for.

Gary - Manassas, V

Lexus, my nine-year-old Akita Mix, and I have been loyal customer’s of Villaridge Pet Sitters for over 3 years now. Their caring service and genuine concern for Lexus’ well being is the overwhelming reason.

Sarah Parkinson and her team have always been professional and accommodating, whether during scheduled appointments or no-notice request for walks when I’m stuck at work. Without fail, Sarah and her team have been there when Lexus and I needed them.

I have used several dog-walking services over the years but have never found the peace of mind that I have with Villaridge. The thing is, it isn’t just me, Lexus shows her enjoyment of the Villaridge experience by being content when I get home, never restless or fussy.

Lexus and I feel privileged to share our personal experience as customers of Villaridge Pet Sitters and highly recommend you see what we mean.

Debra H. - Gainesville, VA.

We cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for having such a great pet sitting team. For almost a year now, ever since they were 3 months old, our pets have enjoyed the professional and reliable, but also kind and caring, Villaridge services. Max and Koko love their Elaine and Rhoda and we are happy that our dears are in such good hands.

Bill & Nives

It was so nice to come home to a clean house and more importantly my baby was not traumatized from our absence, I will echo Carl’s remarks in that we wanted to prevent foreseeable problems leaving and without a doubt your company filled the bill to a tee! The extra attention, compassion, love and care that you gave Cosmo leaves me speechless, just know that I am eternally grateful to you both. Without a moments hesitation when we travel again we will call you, would never consider any other option that is for sure.  Know that you have a fan club in Carl and I and we will be happy to express our feelings with any new clients that may request a reference. Thanking you again from the bottom of my heart.
Warmest regards, Scott

Scott and I cannot thank Mariana and you enough for the extra-special care that you both gave to Cosmo while we were away. Mariana said that on her first visit Cosmo “challenged” both of you, but after that, things went very well with him. As you know, we were especially concerned about Cosmo’s care in our absence since it had taken several weeks for Cosmo to come out of his “shell” after we adapted him from the animal rescue at the end of November and we didn’t want to do anything that would cause him to regress while we were away. Of course, Cosmo was very excited to see us when we returned home and it was obvious that he was well cared for in our absence. We appreciated the detailed notes that were left documenting Cosmo’s daily activities as well. We are especially convinced that having your services and overnight stays while we were away was the best for Cosmo and well worth the cost. Whenever we need to travel in the future and cannot take Cosmo with us, we will definitely be contacting you again for pet sitting services. Again, a big THANKS to both Mariana and you for providing such outstanding pet sitting services — it is obvious that you both are committed to exceptional pet care.
Best regards, Carl

Villaridge has been a real blessing for us! Our cats are our family, so it is nice to be able to go away and not worry about them. Sarah has worked hard to get to know them all and they really love her. Even the shy ones come out to visit her when we are away… I swear they look forward to seeing her. We often have foster cats in the house and they get the best of care too. I don’t know what we would do without Sarah and Villaridge. We love the notes she leaves behind for us. She spends time playing with them and makes sure everyone is ok. We know they love it because they actually let us sleep even after we have been gone for a week, and that says a lot. I have recommended Villaridge Pet Sitters to many and they have all loved it.

Patty & Tim Campbell - Bristow, VA

This is the first time we used Villaridge Pet Sitters, LLC and we’re so thankful we did. Our min pin, Hefner is usually scared of strangers and he warmed up to Sarah & Rosemary immediately with licks and lots of love. We’re definitely going to use them in the future for our pet sitting needs. Thank you so much!
Lindsay - Centreville, VA

Villaridge Pet Sitters has been taking care of our growing Great Dane Puppy, Marma, since May 2006. Tim Roan has been there the whole time. Tim’s primary duties include taking our lovable 14 month old for a walk for 30 minutes while my wife and I are at work Monday — Fridays. If that was all he did it would be worth the money spent. But it really isn’t. Tim has become part of our family. Literally!!! Marma looks forward to this time with Tim as much as she looks forward to seeing my wife and I come home. When we first started out my wife was taking Marma to obedience training because she had become 80lbs of terror. Daily we started leaving a log book of what we were working with Marma on in class. Tim became instrumental at helping focus on these tasks while giving her the daily walk and leaving us notes when he finished letting us know how she did. Over the months Marma has grown to 115lbs and stands over waist high. Yes she is very gentle and great on a leash thanks in no small part to Tim.

Tim is an incredible guy and friend to our family. Occasionally I have been home from work early or unexpected change in my schedule and have gotten to see how my dog reacts to Tim. He treats my dog like it was his own. He shows her affection, attention, and love. He is always amazed how excited she gets to see him. I see her stare out the window anticipating his arrival. He always makes sure when she is wet from a rainy walk that she gets dried off. He always makes sure she has water especially on a hot day, and makes the walks fun. He exercises her and goes beyond the call of duty to make it the highlight of Marma’s day. What is more special about Tim is he does this for numerous other dogs in my development and when we run into Tim Marma wants to go with him right then and there!! It is just his nature, I guess, and each dog feels they are the only one in his life. He is dependable and you can set your watch by him. Even if I am home I still let Tim take her for her walk because it is a “reward” for Marma that isn’t the same given by me. A 30 minute walk from Tim is what she gets as a reward for her being good while we are gone.

In this day and age it is hard to find someone so trustworthy you give them a key to your house and trust them with your prized possessions of which a family pet is like a child to anyone who has one. Villaridge Pet Sitters is a company that employs people of great character, like Tim. He is polite and fun to chat with when I get the chance and the care he takes while walking my dog leaves my mind at ease when we are not around. Others have substituted for Tim on occasion, like Paul, and they don’t miss a beat with my dog.

I will never think of moving to another area without first making sure that Tim can still take her on a walk daily. It isn’t about the money or the cost. It is about providing our youngest family member with reliable, trustworthy daycare. Ensuring she is safe and loved. And for a company to be able to provide that for a pet is amazing. Thanks Villaridge Pet Sitters for a great service, and Marma says “WOOOOOOF” — which I think means “when is Tim coming next?!!!”

Michael, Lydia and Marma - Reston, VA

I truly feel that we were blessed when we found Villaridge Pet Sitters. The walkers and sitters have really made a positive improvement in our lives — we can now feel totally comfortable (and not guilty) in taking vacations or weekend trips because we know the dogs will be taken care of in their own home, on their same schedule, by people who adore them. And just three walks a week has really perked the dogs up. It’s given them an outlet for some of their energy, a chance to enjoy the outdoors and socialization with other people.

All the Villaridge folks we’ve met have been wonderful, and I feel confident in trusting them with my dogs, and my house key (which is very important to me). We have recommended them to all our friends with pets. Now I wish we could take them with us when we move. Our whole family will miss them very much.

Vandyl & Dozer, Herndon, VA

I just got home and Maggie seems SO happy and SO well adjusted. Thank you so much for your note and for your messages. It really gave me a ton of peace of mind. She was so obviously so well cared for.
Cheryl Huff

Thanks for taking such good care of Murphy! He seemed really happy and relaxed when I got home. I really appreciate all of your efforts to get him so much exercise. I’m sure he enjoyed that! I know Murphy can be a handful, but it sounds like you did well with him.

Carrie L. - Reston, VA

Thank you for your wonderful service. I couldn’t be happier!… I was tickled pink when I read your note and the time you put into it, you’re so kind. THANK YOU again, you did such a fantastic job and we didn’t worry once; thanks for making us so feel so comfortable while we were away.

Susan and Robert J. - Ashburn, VA

Sandee seems to be well adjusted to your walks and isn’t as wired when we get home. Thanks so much for caring for her as we would!  Thanks again for helping us with Sandee. The neighbors have commented that she seems to enjoy your walks together!

Janice and Tom M. - Herndon, VA

Webster is real happy. Thanks for taking such good care him while I was gone. I think (pet sitting) is definitely a better alternative over leaving him in the kennel.

Tina Reston, VA

This is absolutely the BEST pet service anywhere. Tanya is outstanding, and always goes above and beyond what I would ever expect. I feel like everyone there loves my babies as much as I do! The owners are always wonderful to work with as well. I can’t recommend them enough!!!


Villaridge Pet Sitters has been the ultimate trusted provider of care for my puppy! They are 100% reliable and have been so flexible to add walks when my schedule changes. I feel like they take care of my puppy with the same amount of love and care as I do!


Villaridge is wonderful! They respond extremely quick and they were able to help us with a short notice request even being 1st time customers. The person assigned to us was great, thorough & friendly. Will definitely use them again when the need arises.


I work with these two ladies a few years ago, it’s great to read the reviews and see that their standards of pet care continue to excel. ..GREAT JOB!!!


Rhoda and Sarah are the consummate professionals. They care for the animals so much and are nice as can be. I highly recommend them.

Michael Peer - Owner of dOgBEDIENCE

Such a great company offering very personalized service. They make you feel like your pet is in safe, knowledgeable, caring hands!


Our Molly is a 15 year old beagle. We have been fortunate in that we have only had two groups of pet sitters. The first moved.

Rhoda and Sara have been taking care of Molly since 2009. We have always been very happy with everything. As Molly has aged, we worry when we have to travel (which is often for business and out of the country). Molly has slowed down appreciably but she truly perks up when Sara (or Rhoda) come in. She stays over with Rhoda while we are gone and we tell Molly she is going to the spa. She comes home a very relaxed little girl.

Poor Molly is in the twilight of her beagle years. We hesitate to leave her. When I told Rhoda we were going to be gone for a 20 day shortly, she talked to me about having another vet see Molly — a vet who will come to our home or Rhoda’s when we are gone. We hate to leave Molly but knowing Rhoda can take care of everything makes us feel so much more comfortable. Guilty, though.

We also have two cats. They get a visit every day when we are gone. We can see how they have become much more relaxed with visitors to our home — we feel that is a result of the time they spend with Sara and Rhoda and the good care they receive.

I rarely recommend any services — and especially for my pets. I have no hesitation, however, in recommending Villaridge — for their professionalism, their compassion, and being so, so nice to our Molly especially.

Mary and Tom

I  just wanted to let you and Sarah know what a great experience we’ve had with Ysabel. She was incredibly responsive to our requests and kept us up to date with any necessary news about our ‘kids’. We have two older dogs which have special needs and even though we do as much as we can to make the sitter’s job a little easier with respect to giving medications, etc., we can never predict whether the transition to a new care giver will go well. Sometimes they don’t want to eat, get sick when they do eat, or just have an accident or two. Fortunately, only the latter happened with us and Ysabel was great about cleaning up.

We were able to stay in touch via email and exchange information or just a word of encouragement or confirmation when needed. I would recommend Ysabel to anyone considering using Villaridge Pet Care and needing a reference. As a matter of fact, we have already shared our wonderful experience with another couple from Great Falls who is considering using your services in the future. It has been a great experience and you may consider me a ready reference if you ever need it! !

Cheryl and Pat L.

Thanks again for all of your loving care.

Theresa & Christine F.

The attention that you and your staff have given Dewey has lifted a huge weight. It is great to know that our pup is in such great care when we have events that keep us away longer than we would like.

Dan & Ginger G.

Thank you very much for all the little notes and taking care of the kitties. They were totally nonchalent about my arrival which is always a good thing. It means that they’re happy.

Marie S.

I didn’t worry even once while I was away.



I wanted to let you know that (our sitter) did a wonderful job. We came home and the dogs were well-rested and hadn’t chewed a thing up, which definitely shows us that there needs were met. You all are very lucky to have such competent walkers.

Danielle C.

Rhoda was incredible watching Sophie! She was really great and Sophie was the calmest I have ever seen her.

Monica C.

We wanted to touch base with you to let you know how thrilled we are about Sarah’s care of Sissy and Rico. We came home this morning and the dogs seemed to have enjoyed themselves and were so well adjusted. A great experience for us considering how upset Rico would get at the kennel.

Jessica and Ted S.

Are you kidding, she’s (Kristin) AMAZING!

Ryan and Brian S.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Sweetie. I truly appreciate it.


Linda H.